Meet the Artist!

Hi! I'm Bella! I'm the owner and artist behind TSUKI SORA. My shop is based in sunny Orlando, Florida. This journey began 5 years ago soon after I graduated high school and I've been keeping at it ever since!

Your visit to my shop means the world to me because you're supporting my biggest dream – thank you! One day, I hope to see TSUKI SORA as a real store you can step into!



So, what's the deal with TSUKI SORA?

TSUKI SORA started with a big dream, one creative girl, and the vision of creating cute accessories for everyone. We are an independent woman-owned brand with an appreciation and love for pop culture, automotive culture, and all things cute.

TSUKI SORA is all for making top-notch, long-lasting, and super cute stuff for everyone out there. All of the items you see are created with intention, creativity, and with lots of love. Live life a little cuter 


What does TSUKI SORA mean?

"TSUKI" (つき) means "moon" and "SORA" (そら) means "sky" in Japanese.

I chose this name because it perfectly captures the essence of what I want my shop to be – a place where the timeless beauty of the moon meets the endless possibilities of the sky.

Just like the moon's steady presence and the vast openness of the sky, I want to create products that are both enduring and full of boundless creativity. It's a name that speaks to constancy and imagination, two things that drive everything I do at my shop♥